Georgia Trooper PITs Jeep Grand Cherokee To The Moon

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Georgia Trooper PITs Jeep Grand Cherokee To The Moon
Georgia Trooper PITs Jeep Grand Cherokee To The Moon

There seems to be something about Jeep Grand Cherokees in Georgia trying to launch into the stratosphere. We don’t know what it is, but in this case we would say the suspects probably wished afterward they’d just pulled over and taken the speeding ticket, only neither one survived to have such a regret.

Jeep is in serious trouble.

The chase started when a Georgia trooper noticed the Grand Cherokee was speeding on I-85 North in Atlanta back on September 30, 2022. He claimed the SUV was going 90 in a 55 mph zone. When the trooper turned on his lights and siren, the other driver sped up and started driving recklessly, so the chase was on.


As the trooper gives pursuit, the Jeep weaves through traffic, which thankfully wasn’t heavy since it was just after midnight and most people aren’t out on the streets. However, the other driver shows he’s not that skilled when he almost buys the farm faking like he’s exiting the interstate, only to pull well onto the gore point and almost hit the barrier before swerving back onto the freeway.

Continuing to snake around, the suspect tries losing the trooper but he just doesn’t have the wheelman skills to do so. He does make one smooth move, taking an exit that the lead trooper misses. The thing is there are plenty more behind him who follow the Jeep’s path with ease, so it doesn’t ultimately throw police off.

After putting countless people’s lives at risk during the chase, troopers have to put an end to the dangerous situation. A new lead trooper tries to PIT the Jeep a few times but the suspects slip out of the trap. But he finally makes a connection and the Grand Cherokee rolls over an elevated gore point, sending it airborne and careening off the road entirely.

Both the driver and passenger were thrown from the vehicle since they weren’t belted in. And they both died. The Jeep caught on fire after wrecking out.

You can see partway through the video a backseat passenger exits the Jeep at one point. In the police report, we learn that person had a gunshot wound sustained before this police chase. He survived.

Exactly what happened with the shooting isn’t mentioned, but a search reveals someone with the same name as the guy with the gunshot wound was arrested in connection to a murder back in 2018 as a juvenile. In other words, it’s possible all three were hardened criminals, with some local news reports indicating the deceased had fairly long criminal records for their age.

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