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Gigi Gorgeous is ready to answer all of your questions. Gibson Johns interviews the trailblazing trans YouTube star, model and author about co-writing her new book, "The T Guide," with "RuPaul's Drag Race" alum Gottmik. They discuss the aim of the landmark tome, which strives to answer any and all questions about the trans experience, her friendships with Gottmik and Paris Hilton, how people can be good allies to the trans community right now and much more.

Video Transcript

GIG GORGEOUS: Are those questions that you kind of get on the Daily, either just in your DMs or in your comments from fans or people that follow you as a super prominent figure in the trans community, trying to answer some of these questions that you are now going to answer in the T guide?

GIG GORGEOUS: Yes. I get so many questions every single day from people that are newly transitioning, that have begun their transition, and are years in, and people who have been trans for over a decade, like myself. And I feel like we really never are fully done transitioning. That's something that I really have had to come to Jesus moment about over the past few years.


I thought that there would be a finish line. I thought that would be it. But, just on a personal note, me and my husband now, who's also trans, we're trying to have biological children. And I'm currently off hormones, which is something I never thought that I would be. And it just goes to show you never know what life is going to throw at you.

So it's one of those things where it's always a learning lesson. My dad once said to me actually, he said, when you transitioned I thought it was just that was going to transition. But I learned that it was both of-- like everyone around you, and especially you and I that really had to transition together.

GIG GORGEOUS: So beautiful.

GIBSON JOHNS: And I thought that was so profound and beautiful. And it didn't really hit me until a lot later. But it's so true. And I think that this book is just so needed for just moments like that.