Get a Glimpse of Cadillac’s Electric V-Series Concept

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Cadillac Is Teasing an Electric V-Series ConceptCadillac
  • Cadillac is celebrating 20 years of V-Series performance, marking two decades of capable yet rowdy domestic models.

  • From the original CTS-V to the BMW M5 competing CT5-V and Escalade V, Cadillac knows how to make a good time.

  • On the heels of an electric future, Cadillac is assuring loyalists that it will continue the V-Series in electric form with a new concept.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Cadillac's V-Series wing has consistently produced some of the best performance models of the 21st century.

From the original CTS-V (in sedan and wagon form) to the introduction of the Escalade V, Cadillac's performance models often walk the line of luxurious, fast, and trouble-making all the same. As capable as its German performance sedan competitors, Cadillac's engineering team hasn't forgotten to sprinkle in some rowdiness, either.


But Cadillac is trying not to get stuck behind the times, either. Remaining as one of GM's standout luxury brands, Cadillac aims to make its modern footprint through electrification. Launching the Cadillac Lyriq crossover in 2022, individual design and notable luxuries make up a portion of the brand's future-looking blueprint, but performance is important, too.

That's why Cadillac is teasing us with a new electric concept, building on the momentum of the Optiq and Vistiq electric SUVs teased late last year. Cadillac is calling this new concept the Opulent Velocity, aimed at capturing the brand's legacy and honoring its V-Series performance wing in an electric future.

It's almost impossible to tell what exactly the Opulent Velocity will be in terms of shape, size, and market, but Cadillac assures us that the concept will be true to its performance heritage in an electric package. From the brief glimpses in the teaser video, we see a low-slung, angular body with a Tron-sounding powertrain underneath.

"Opulent Velocity is designed to foreshadow a zero emissions expression of performance and modern luxury leadership," said Bryan Nesbitt, executive director of Cadillac Global Design. "We will share more later this year, so stay tuned."

Ultimately, Cadillac says this concept is another way to celebrate 20 years of V-Series performance, too. Launched in 2004, an electric rendition will have to be inventive and thrilling to live up to the original CTS-V. We'll be waiting patiently to see what Cadillac has up its sleeve.

With such a storied nameplate, do you think Cadillac can reinvent itself successfully in an electric era? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts below.