Glorious-Sounding Ford Mustang GT3 Race Car Could Be Coming in a Street Version

ford performance mustang gt3
Ford CEO Teases a Next-Gen Mustang GT3 Race CarWes Dunkel, Ford Performance
  • Ford CEO Jim Farley posted a video to Twitter showing the company's upcoming Mustang GT3 race car lapping at Sebring.

  • This is the first we've seen (or heard) anything about the upcoming factory GT3 car since Ford announced it in September.

  • Farley also tweeted a rhetorical question, hinting at a potential future roadgoing version of the GT3 racer.

UPDATE 5/31/23: This story has been updated to include an additional tweet from Ford CEO Jim Farley showcasing the upcoming Mustang GT3 running test laps. The Mustang GT3 is set to debut next month on June 9 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Wherever you are right now, stop. Now turn your volume as high as it will go and enjoy the beautiful soundtrack of a naturally aspirated V-8. Ford CEO Jim Farley took to Twitter today to show the company's upcoming Mustang GT3 race car turning laps at Sebring, and the audio is glorious.


This is the first we've seen (and, more important, heard) of the factory GT3 Mustang since Ford announced its plan to launch six new racing versions of the S650 Mustang back in September. The GT3 won't officially debut until the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2024, but that isn't stopping Ford from building hype now.

This version of the GT3 is being developed jointly by Ford Performance and Multimatic, and it will be powered by a revised version of the Coyote V-8 bored to 5.4 liters. The images show a Mustang that has undergone serious and necessary modifications to complete 24-hour races like Daytona and Le Mans.

Huge fenders wrap around a set of meaty racing tires, while every visible piece of bodywork looks to be made from lightweight carbon fiber. The car has an extremely aggressive lip at the front, and a large diffuser at the rear. Visually, the real show stopper is the rear wing mounted not to the rear decklid, but instead to the rear pillars of the car. Ford made sure to remind us that the despite being a thoroughbred race car, the GT3 car shares DNA with the upcoming Mustang Dark Horse.

But we already knew race cars looked and sounded great. The really interesting part came from Farley's second tweet. The Ford CEO got back on Twitter an hour after he posted the clip of the GT3 and asked his followers if Ford should make a road version.

Mr. Farley, I think we all agree. The answer is a resounding yes. Please send your first example to the Car and Driver office ASAP.

This story was originally published on March 22, 2023.

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