GM exec defends controversial decision to dump Apple CarPlay

GM exec defends controversial decision to dump Apple CarPlay


General Motors (GM) says it's doing the right thing for its business by dropping the popular Apple CarPlay infotainment experience.

"There are many manufacturers today that don't have CarPlay," GM CFO Paul Jacobson said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). "But I think we recognize that the burden's on us. If we're going to take that feature out of our vehicles, we need to respond with a program and a customer package that is equally as compelling, if not more compelling. We think with the partnership we have with Google and ultimately with the vehicle data we have, we can create an experience that customers are going to love."

The auto giant said in late March it would phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, despite the strong consumer preference to use the platforms for everything from maps to music controls. Apple CarPlay is supported in 800 vehicles, the tech giant said.


In place of CarPlay, GM will stand up a new built-in infotainment system developed with Google (GOOG, GOOGL) for its future line of EVs.

GM will begin the phase-out process of CarPlay with the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV.

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