GM Might Reanimate The Camaro As A Cheap EV

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GM Might Reanimate The Camaro As A Cheap EV
GM Might Reanimate The Camaro As A Cheap EV

A lot of people have suspected GM wouldn’t leave the Camaro nameplate buried six feet under for long. After all, the name is well-known even among non-gearheads, so it’s marketing gold. And while there has been all kinds of speculation about what kind of vehicle it would be used on, we don’t think anyone was guessing a cheap electric car.

Pristine Camaro IROC-Z is selling for an insane amount.

But GM President Mark Reuss told Motor Trend he’s gunning for the next Camaro to “make a comeback as an electric car – not an electric crossover – designed around athletic dynamics and a low price point rather than huge horsepower and track-slaying performance.”


That’s right, the president of GM thinks the Camaro should be a cheap EV instead of a track-focused performance machine. Reuss believes this will help it “return to its roots as a pony car with broad appeal beyond hardcore enthusiasts.”

Time and again, we’ve seen automotive executives treat enthusiasts with derision. They know the normies don’t necessarily think like us, but we also think they underestimate how influential we are. That’s how we keep getting iconic nameplates like the Blazer or Eclipse applied to the most beige crossovers known to man.

After all, who in their right mind would want a Camaro with gobs of horsepower, sharp handling, and hardcore performance?

We still contend the sixth-gen struggled because the design was mid at best. Rearward visibility is awful, the backseat is essentially unusable, and the design was too derivative of the fifth-gen. People obviously have a craving for powerful yet practical muscle cars, something Dodge proved and is now abandoning.

More automotive executives should be enthusiasts. Then they would understand that we have people asking for our opinions on cars all the time. And that we help set trends in buying habits. Normies often look to us for what’s cool and fun.

But we’re sure lots of people will enjoy their POS Camaro EV if GM moves forward with this dumb idea.

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Source: Motor Trend

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