Gold Bars Found In Recovered Ford F-350

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Gold Bars Found In Recovered Ford F-350
Gold Bars Found In Recovered Ford F-350

If you’re lucky enough to get your stolen car back in one piece, you might have been told by police some of the strange things found in it. Sometimes people find the cops didn’t clean it entirely out, coming upon weird objects and such. But this case out of Boca Raton, Florida is the first we’ve heard of gold bars being found in a stolen vehicle.

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Police first spotted the stolen truck at an intersection at around 1 am on June 5. The Ford took off and got onto I-95 going at high speeds, so the officer opted to not pursue. Instead, he got on the radio to let his colleagues down the way know, reports CBS 12.


After driving for a bit, the suspect, later identified as Lazaro Perera, stopped the F-350 on the shoulder of I-95 and took off on foot toward a ravine. However, he wasn’t fast enough and police ran him down, arresting him on the spot.

It was after nabbing Perera that Boca Raton officers discovered the three gold bars in the truck along with three unspecified firearms. While cops find a lot of guns in suspects’ vehicles, we wonder if they have ever come across gold bars before.

There are some theories about why Perera had those gold bars with him in a stolen Ford F-350. Depending on the bars, they’re not easily traced, unlike cash, so some criminals prefer dealing in them for the perceived anonymity.

Gold bars also take up a lot less space than their value in paper currency. We don’t know how large these gold bars are, but they could have a combined value of tens of thousands of dollars.

Finally, if you’ve looked at the values for gold in the past while, you’ll know that even criminals are trying to beat inflation. The struggle is real.

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