Gordon Murray’s GMA T.50 Has Started Production After 2.5 Years

Photo:  Gordon Murray Automotive
Photo: Gordon Murray Automotive

It hasn’t even been three years since the GMA T.50 with its howling V12 and 12,100 RPM redline were introduced to the world, but the world’s coolest supercar (not my opinion, just a fact) has officially entered production.

In case you missed it:

The announcement came via a tweet on the automaker’s Twitter account saying “A milestone moment for the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 programme: less than two-and-a-half years since the T.50 supercar was revealed, Professor Gordon Murray CBE signs the carbon-fibre monocoque of the very first customer car to mark the beginning of assembly.” The tweet also shows a video of the moment, and may I just say, Murray has a lovely signature.


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“Designing and engineering the T.50 has been an incredible journey with much of the initial work completed during lockdown, so to witness the engineering art of the first customer car’s carbon-fiber monocoque ready for assembly, less than two-and-a-half years since reveal, is quite magical,” Murray said in a statement reported by KTLA.

We’ve covered the T.50 a lot of the past couple of years. It’ll be hand-built at the young automaker’s facility in Dunsfold, England — the site of the Top Gear test track. Just 100 of the $3 million cars will be built, and I’ve got some bad news. If you’re reading this story and you don’t already have a T.50 allocation, you missed your chance. They’re all already spoken for.

Each T.50 will be highly unique and customized to pretty much whatever the owner wants. In fact, the automaker says no two cars will have the exact same exterior paint color.

While everything about this car is extreme, from the lightweight building materials to the center-seat configuration, the heart of the car is its Cosworth-built 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12. It pumps out 653 horsepower and 344 lb-ft of torque. All that power is routed through an Xtrac six-speed manual transmission. You can really think of it as a McLaren F1 for the modern age, and it makes sense considering Murray was the engineer behind the F1.

With development of the T.50 done, GMA will now turn its attention to the T.33. That car will carry the same V12 as the T.50, but it’s supposed to be a bit easier to live with. It’ll also be a bargain at just $1.85 million. Oh, it must be so good to be rich.

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