Gordon Murray V-12, Manual Ferrari 599, MotorWeek Gallardo: The Best Automotive Videos on YouTube This Week

Screenshot:  Gordon Murray Automotive
Screenshot: Gordon Murray Automotive

YouTube has some of the best automotive content around. You can get lost for hours down rabbit holes of wrenching videos, barn-find videos, old car reviews, or some guy buying a beater for a couple hundred bucks.

Starting this week, every Sunday we’ll be highlighting some of the best videos from the week on YouTube. Maybe we’ll find some of your favorites, maybe you’ll get to see something completely new!

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In case you missed it:

Production of the Gordon Murray T.50 V12



Gordon Murray’s T.50 supercar is an engineering marvel; its engine is even more so. This video shows the production of the car’s screaming 653-horsepower V12 engine. It’s glorious.

An Old ‘New’ Honda Purchase

Purely Automotive - New Car Day (It’s a 90’s Honda of Course)

While Purely Automotive is a smaller channel, his love for a “new” car isn’t. Check out his excitement over purchasing an excellent fourth-gen Honda Civic hatch.

A New Formula Drift Driver for RTR Motorsports

We Have A New Formula Drift Driver!!

If you’re into Formula Drift like I am, a team getting a new driver is exciting. This week RTR Motorsports announced its new driver who’ll be piloting one of two Mustangs this season. Who is it? I won’t spoil it for you.

Manual-Converting a Ferrari 599 In Less Than A Day

Converting Hoovie’s Ferrari 599 in 14 Hours

Converting an automatic into a manual is one thing. Converting a Ferrari owned by one of the biggest automotive Youtubers from its F1 automated gearbox into a manual in just 14 hours is something else entirely. But Normal Guy Supercar did it.

A Retro Review That Doesnt Seem so Retro

2005 Lamborghini Gallardo | Retro Review

Our own Collin Woodward highlighted an issue with this video: There’s no way 2005 was long enough ago to be retro. That aside, automotive content doesn’t get any better than Motorweek’s Retro Reviews. Here’s their review of the 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo, the second new model released after the company came under Audi ownership.

A Fitting Tribute For a Car That Was too Good for Us

Kia Stinger Tribute

The sun is setting on Kia’s Stinger. But not before the company made this excellent tribute to a model that surprised us all and helped put the brand on the performance map.

Malaise-Era Ford Luxury

The Malaise-Era Lincoln Versailles Was a Quickly Patched Together Answer to the Cadillac Seville

The Lincoln Versailles is an automotive name that has been relegated to history due to how unusual... scratch that. The Lincoln Versailles was a bland car from a bland time in Ford history. Curious Cars explains why.

These Cars Aren’t as Great to Own as You’d Think

Cool Cars That Suck to Own

First-gen Dodge Viper, Lamborghini Countach, Shelby Cobra 427. All are the things of an enthusiast’s dream, cars we’d all love to own, right? Think again, as Donut Media highlights why owning some of these legendary cars isn’t as great as you’d think.

The Largest Car Collection in the Country

This $70 Million Dollar Car Collection Is America’s Largest

Itsdanielmac, famous for asking people what they do for a living while driving cool cars, went to check out what looks to be the largest car collection in America. The $70 million collection has everything from K.I.T.T from Knight Rider to one of six Jaguar XJ220s in the world.

Dubai Is Hording a Bunch of JDM Cars

Dubai is hiding ALL the JDM cars we ever wanted…

Who would’ve thought that Dubai would be a bastion of old JDM cars? Drift Games flew to Dubai to check out an automotive shop in Dubai that’s not only tuning old JDM cars, but also has a nice sized collection of them as well.

In case you missed it:

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