Government to investigate whether headlights are too bright

dazzled driver
dazzled driver

An RAC survey found that 28% of drivers believed most headlights were too bright

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that it will commission an independent report on headlight dazzle, acknowledging that “further evidence” is needed on the issue.

The announcement came in response to a petition calling for MPs to review legislation about the brightness of car headlights receiving more than 10,000 signatures.

In response, the DfT announced the plan for the report, saying: “We know that lots of people raise concerns about headlight glare – but also that the police collision statistics don’t show any underlying road safety issue.”


Given the “lack of evidence” on the issues of dazzle and headlight brightness, the report will be used to inform “any further appropriate mitigations”.

The DfT has already moved to tackle the issue of headlight misalignment, having raised the issue at the United Nations’ expert group on vehicle lighting.