Grand Jury Indicts White Men Accused Of Firing At Black FedEx Driver In Mississippi

A grand jury has indicted a white father and son who allegedly chased down a Black FedEX driver and shot at him after he dropped a package at a house in Brookhaven, Mississippi earlier this year. The Lincoln County grand jury brought multiple charges against Gregory Case and his son Brandon after they allegedly targeted D’Monterrio Gibson on Jan. 24.

The charges include attempted murder, conspiracy to commit the crime of murder and shooting into a motor vehicle, NBC News reports.

Gibson, who previously spoke to NBC News, said he was wearing a FedEx uniform when he dropped off the package, but he believes the men chased him because he is Black and because they thought he didn’t belong in their neighborhood.

As Blavity previously reported, the driver also said he was not in a FedEx truck at the time, but he was driving a Hertz van that FedEx had rented. Gibson said he was leaving the neighborhood when he noticed a man in a white pickup truck following him closely and honking his horn.

The FedEx employee allegedly drove past a couple of houses before seeing a man who was standing in the middle of the road with a gun pointed at him. The man, according to Gibson, was mouthing the word “stop.”

Gibson said he swerved to dodge the man, but the shooter fired toward the rear of the Hertz vehicle. While he escaped without injury, Gibson said the shots damaged the van and the packages inside.

The white truck, Gibson said, continued to follow him on an interstate near Brookhaven before finally ending the chase.

Gibson’s attorney, Carlos Moore, said his client is happy with the jury’s decision to indict the white men, but there is still work to do.

“He will not take a full victory lap until the Cases are convicted of the crimes for which they have been indicted and both are in prison for their unlawful actions in regards to him on January 24, 2022,” Moore said in a statement.