Guy Allegedly Was Driving With Apple Vision Pro Goggles

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Guy Allegedly Was Driving With Apple Vision Pro Goggles
Guy Allegedly Was Driving With Apple Vision Pro Goggles

People are losing their minds after video footage of a guy allegedly using his Apple Vision Pro goggles while behind the wheel of a Tesla Cybertruck went viral. It’s just the kind of dystopian reality we’ve come to expect lately as drivers have become more distracted by technology while also believing smoking pot and driving isn’t a big deal. Brave New World, here we are!

Watch a cop bust a shocked cyclist for traffic violations.

Dozens of big media outlets and even US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg have fallen for what apparently was a skit designed to get social media likes and maybe a little cash (anyone with a Cybertruck obviously has money to burn, so we don’t think that was a huge motivator). The entire video even apparently claimed the driver was arrested but he in fact wasn’t.


The scheme of this guy and his buddies seems to have gone over the heads of many. They claim the goggles weren’t turned on and the driver was just acting like he was typing, etc. while the Tesla’s Autopilot did all the driving.

If true, and we’ll give them a benefit of a doubt, the stunt was still dangerous. Even not activated, Apple Vision Pros restrict your peripheral vision big time, presenting a true risk while driving. Also, traveling down a freeway with no hands on the steering wheel isn’t a great idea, steer by wire or no.

In other words, not only is this an example of how people use technology to do stupid things, it demonstrates how the quest to get social media likes and attention leads people to do stupid things. We don’t know which is worse.

We’re not going to even mention the guy’s name because he and his friends obviously did this for attention and we don’t think he should pick up anymore social media followers. Encouraging this kind of foolishness isn’t what we want. Also, it’s great to see all the media outlets rush to cover the story only for it to blow up on them.