Guy Flees In Toyota Avalon, Cries For His Mommy

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Guy Flees In Toyota Avalon, Cries For His Mommy
Guy Flees In Toyota Avalon, Cries For His Mommy

Arkansas is the land of crazy police chases, but we weren’t sure if we’d ever see a Toyota Avalon as one of these getaway cars. After all, they’re fine grandpa cars and all, but the criminal element seems far more attracted to sexy Dodges, Camaros, Mustangs, even Nissan Altimas.

Watch a Toyota Camry driver take on Arkansas State Police.

In the dashcam footage, the suspect is just cruising along, minding his own business when a trooper who is driving behind him runs the plates, learning the registered owner has an active warrant.

Some people seem to think running a plate and pulling over a vehicle because the owner has a warrant is illegal. We’ve been told it isn’t and we see it done a lot, so this is why you show up at court and don’t try to skip town.


Once the trooper turns on his lights, the suspect signals and starts moving toward the shoulder nice and calm, exactly how we’d expect the average Avalon driver to behave. Everything goes just fine, the driver obeying the trooper’s commands until he suddenly throws the full-size sedan in gear and flips a sudden U-turn.

The suspect really drops the hammer, showing that the Avalon has far more guts than a RAV4, Civic, or a lot of other rather plain vehicles we see in chases. He somehow threads it through heavy traffic, too, gapping the trooper quite a bit in little time.

Considering this guy has a warrant, perhaps this isn’t his first rodeo. He sure drives like he’s done this before. What experience and driving skills our suspect has isn’t enough to keep the geriatric mobile on the road, leaving another Avalon for the scrap heap.

Then the guy cries for his mommy. Why do so many grown men who run from the police turn into sobbing momma’s boys once caught?

This was a more entertaining pursuit than we would’ve thought, but imagine if the guy had stuck that turn in the road. It’s probably best he didn’t lest he ran head-on into some innocent family.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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