Guy Gets Arrested After Parking Truck On His Front Lawn

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Guy Gets Arrested After Parking Truck On His Front Lawn
Guy Gets Arrested After Parking Truck On His Front Lawn

In some areas you can’t park any vehicle on your front lawn. Often that’s an HOA violation, which entails a fine and warning. But in some municipalities like Baytown, Texas it’s against the law and can come with much stiffer penalties. One man found this out the hard way when he temporarily parked his truck on his front lawn and was arrested.

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That might sound outrageous, but it really happened recently. The man said he pulled his truck onto his lawn to wash it, claiming it was there for only half an hour. But that was plenty of time for a busybody neighbor to snap a photo and file a complaint with the police department.


In turn, the city claims it mailed a citation to the man, but he says it never showed up. Unaware there was a problem, the man went about his life until a police officer arrested him for missing a court date he didn’t even know about.

The man was arrested and put in jail. Since then, he was able to get out and sued the city for the ordeal. The citation for parking on his lawn happened five years ago and he was arrested a year after that. He eventually settled out of court with the city. His efforts might pay off in a different way for everyone else.

Baytown’s city council is in voting on whether the law banning parking on a lawn should be repealed. We imagine people have mixed opinions about the law and its enforcement. Some don’t want people using their front lawns as permanent parking spots, driving down property values and possibly causing additional problems. Others think the law is too harsh and should be repealed. This issue has played out elsewhere and it’s almost always divisive.

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