Guy On Jet Ski Seems To Think He’s Above The Law

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Guy On Jet Ski Seems To Think He’s Above The Law
Guy On Jet Ski Seems To Think He’s Above The Law

Ah summer, it’s the perfect time to take your watercraft out on the local lake or at the ocean, depending on where you live. While beating the heat with some hydro enjoyment is a great idea, some people tend to forget there are laws out on the water.

Corvette boat leaves authorities eating sea spray.

We guess this guy riding a jet ski at Ft. Myers Beach in Florida thought he was some sort of pirate when Florida Fish and Wildlife officers told him he was detained. He took off like a bat out of hell, only the later realize the cops figured out who he was and where his ride was sitting waiting for him.


And that’s the thing: if you’re on a boat or other watercraft and you run from authorities, you have to come to shore sometime. There aren’t many options, not like a city full of streets, garages, and such where suspects can hide, so we really don’t recommend you try making some sly escape on your jet ski, etc.

Originally, the officers were performing a safety check when they noticed two guys on jet skis riding recklessly. Perceiving the men to be a risk for public safety, they detained one and asked for his info. The second one refused to shut off his jet ski and talk with officers, preferring instead to take off again while shouting and pointing at the officers. Not a good move.

That little stunt solidifies the officers’ resolve to arrest the guy. They figure out which vehicle the guy is associated with and talk to a woman sitting in it. Later she admits the scofflaw is her boyfriend.

Then the guy runs again. It’s like he just doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to.

In the meantime, his buddy gets arrested for suspected intoxication.

Then officers detain the girlfriend to keep her from picking up the one guy at a different dock. It’s almost like they’ve seen all the tricks before.

Ultimately, this summer you need to remember there are laws to obey on roads, trails, the water, or wherever you may go. You don’t get to run from law enforcement and face zero consequences.

Image via Donny Rapture/YouTube