Guy Stumbles On Classic Cars Abandoned In Old Showroom

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This is pretty interesting…

Exploring abandoned buildings can come with many benefits and inherent risks, as YouTuber Lenny knows well enough. The guy lives in the UK and likes to explore uninhabited structures which have sat empty for years, recording his adventures for everyone else to enjoy. He’s not car-focused, but in the video we’ve included, he stumbled across some classic cars left in an abandoned dealer showroom, which is pretty interesting.

The showroom in question has an HH Crane sign still affixed above the expansive windows. As far as we know, HH Crane is a hose handling crane, but it might have been a defunct car dealership back in the day, we don’t know for sure.

There’s one car chassis with the engine still installed sitting on the showroom floor. In an adjoining building are several other cars, some under white sheets, and Lenny only looks at them through the window, so we don’t know what they are. Another more modern hatchback sits outside, vines having grown over part of it.


Would you go exploring an abandoned dealership like this? Lenny talks in hushed tones during the video and repeatedly expresses concern he’ll be yelled at and chased off the property. We’re unsure about the intricacies of UK trespass laws, but we don’t see any signs declaring no trespassing or anything of the sort like you’ll see on a lot of otherwise abandoned buildings in the US. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t get into legal trouble: you’d have to talk to an attorney to figure that out.

Aside from the legal risks, in these abandoned buildings can be dangerous animals or even humans who are using the structures to engage in illegal activity. The building might be about to fall apart, so you could become trapped or worse. We’re not trying to sound like handwringers here, we’re just saying that the risks are part of the thrill of doing something like this. Would you go exploring something like this building or are the risks too great?

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