Guy Turns School Bus Into Adventure Rig

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This is something…

We’ve seen a lot of old school bus conversions, including people turning them into car carriers to take to the track. However, this one can best be summarized by what the owner calls it: a paradox. It’s a mobile shop, a living space, and a flatbed truck. And yet he says it’s none of those things.

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If that sounds like something you might hear at a hokey spiritualist store in Sedona, Arizona you’re probably not entirely wrong. This is one weird build and it take a weird guy to dream up something like this. But we’re not saying that’s entirely bad.

In fact, it’s great to see someone take an old vehicle that’s past its original use and repurpose it to work for their specific needs. Instead of buying a motor home or purpose-built overlander rig for well into the six digits, this guy grabbed a yellow school bus for cheap and started welding.


It’s obvious this guy is very proud of his work. He says he went for a bit of a spaceship vibe, which we can see but it’s certainly not the sleek, ultra-clean lines of Star Trek or even Space X. No, this thing is much more like the Millennium Falcon (or should we say Millennial Falcon?) with all of its quirks and rough, charming character.

There are all kinds of crazy features on this rig, but if you want the full rundown you should definitely watch the video and see them all for yourself. This guy has added a full roof rack he says is “overbuilt.” He’s also affixed some solar panels to the roof for some electrical power generation to keep auxiliary systems running without draining the batteries. He also has an onboard generator. But one of the most interesting features is a crane on the back end for loading and unloading particularly heavy objects.

The interior is surprisingly comfy but it’s not luxurious with wood veneers and such things. The guy sourced four Toyota Sienna front seats and put them on swivels so when the bus is stationary he and three friends can just sit and talk. There are also four bunk beds if they ever need to spend the night away from home.

Check out the video walkthrough for yourself.

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