Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Trial Makes 'Bailiff' Roy Wood Jr. Want To 'Re-Black' Himself

The Daily Show” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. took a run as a bailiff monitoring the ski-collision trial of actor Gwyneth Paltrow and nailed it. (Watch the video below.)

The bit spliced real scenes from the civil trial ― in which the Oscar winner is accused of crashing into a man on a Park City, Utah, slope and causing lasting injuries ― and Wood in a bailiff’s uniform as if he were presiding.

Wood reminds himself he’s in “white people court” ― “let me straighten my back.” He tries to keep neutral as Paltrow answers an attorney’s questions about her “expensive vacation,” losing a half-day of skiing due to the accident, and “lunch and massage.”

“Celebrities need their own court system instead of wasting my time,” Wood’s bailiff gripes. “Got a murder-suicide at 2 o’clock. C’mon, hurry it up.”


But his aggravation only increases.

“This is the whitest shit I’ve ever heard,” he says. “I gotta watch all the ‘Madea’ movies and re-Black myself.”