Gymkhana Grid Is Coming Back

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Gymkhana Grid Is Coming Back in 2023Robert Cianflone - Getty Images

All the way back in 2010, automotive legend Ken Block launched an action sport of his own with the introduction of Gymkhana Grid. The series has not run since 2019, and has not run in the U.S. since it was a part of the X-Games in 2013, but that will change when it returns this fall.

As Hoonigan announced Monday during its 4/3 Day live stream in honor of Ken Block, Gymkhana Grid will be returning with events in the United States later this year. No major details have been shared yet on venues or race formats, but previous events had been held annually in most years from 2010 to 2019, so the phrase "series of events" already suggests a change from the original format.

Past events featured an all-wheel-drive class and a rear-wheel-drive class. Both competed in something resembling the typical competitive gymkhana format: an autocross-style course that required both quick cornering through traditional obstacles and maneuvers that required the stylish driving Block made so famous. In those events, the all-wheel-drive class would typically be made up of high-horsepower compact cars you might see in a rallycross event. The rear-wheel drive class was more open, having been won in the past by a Mazda MX-5, a Corvette, an E30-generation BMW 3-Series, and a wide variety of Nissan Silvias.


Past all-wheel-drive class winners included rallycross standouts like Tanner Foust, Petter Solberg, and Block himself, while past winners in the rear-wheel-drive class included drifting legends Dai Yoshihara and Daigo Saito. Participants have not been named for the 2023 events yet, but Dirtfish reports that Hoonigan's Brian Scotto and Ron Zaras are reportedly among those planning to compete.

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