Haas F1 Team Lodges Protest Over F1 U.S. Grand Prix Results

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Haas F1 Team Protest F1 U.S. Grand Prix ResultsIcon Sportswire - Getty Images

The Haas Formula 1 team has lodged a right of review with the FIA over the results of last month’s United States Grand Prix.

Under Formula 1 regulations teams are permitted a 14-day period after a race is completed in order to lodge a protest.

Haas’ unhappiness revolves around its belief that several drivers exceeded track limits on multiple occasions through the Turn 6 right-hander, effectively cutting the apex of the turn, but were not penalized for the transgression.

The team has not publicly commented on the matter.

Track limits through Turn 6 at the Circuit of the Americas was an element that had been picked up during the grand prix weekend by several drivers. A total of 35 track limits violations were noted during the race at COTA at eight different corners.


“The ruling is it has to be clear enough for the FIA, clear from an actual view that both tires are off, and that an onboard doesn’t prove anything, even if you might see the white line, if the rear wheel might potentially be in you can’t classify it as being out,” said McLaren driver Lando Norris in Mexico City. “They (the FIA) have to put in more cameras, like on the outside, so you can see the white line, where the rear tire is, but it is difficult to have every corner, every angle.

“Turn 6, yeah, I did it as well to be honest, I knew they couldn’t penalize me as they set the precedent at previous tracks of if you can’t visually see it you’re going to get away with it. You have to know the grey areas and things you can get away with, and that was one of them, so to everyone that did do it, fair play. It’s just a grey area, they didn’t have cameras there, so, yep.”

Drivers receive three warnings during a grand prix and on the occasion of a fourth transgression are hit with a five-second time penalty, with further time sanctions for additional violations.

Nico Hulkenberg finished 11th in the Grand Prix (after disqualifications were handed to Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris) and would have benefitted if drivers further ahead were judged to have transgressed and were penalized.

Haas is locked in a tight battle at the bottom of the Constructors’ Championship, where every position is worth millions of dollars in prize money. Haas is currently last, with 12 points, with AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo tied on 16, and Williams slightly further in front on 28.

The FIA is set to gather the stewards from the U.S. Grand Prix virtually next week—a date has not yet been set—in order to hear Haas’ right of review.

In a right of review a team must present evidence to the stewards that is new, significant, or which was not available at the time, and if that is the case then a subsequent hearing will take place to assess the team’s case.

Even if Haas is unsuccessful it is understood that the team is eager to set a precedent moving forward regarding track limits and their enforcement.

Track limits—and the enforcement and penalization of them—has been a contentious discussion point for several seasons.

Aston Martin protested the results of this year’s Austrian Grand Prix in the immediate aftermath and several penalties were applied hours later.