The hack of 15,000 Roku accounts is a great reminder: Stop using the same password!

Roku.SOPA Images/Getty Images
  • Do you use the same password for multiple online accounts? You need to stop.

  • Roku accounts were breached in a "credential stuffing attack" where hackers reuse your password for multiple sites.

  • Staying vigilant against phishing scams and using unique passwords can help you protect yourself.

If you use your pet's name as the password for all your online accounts: stop it, stop it right now.

The latest data breach involving Roku should be a reminder to you to always use unique passwords for each of your accounts — even for services like Roku that may seem less important than your online banking app, for example.


Roku sent a notice to its customers on Friday informing them that some accounts had been affected by a data breach.

Over 15,000 Roku customer accounts were breached, according to BleepingComputer. A Roku spokesperson would not confirm to Business Insider exactly how many accounts were affected.

"Roku is committed to maintaining our customers' privacy and security, and we take this incident very seriously," the company said in a statement shared with Business Insider, adding that Roku immediately secured customers' accounts and notified them.

The company said it's likely the hackers got Roku customers' username and password combinations for other sites not connected to Roku, and then those same credentials were used to access the person's Roku account.

The company added that once hackers gained access to the Roku accounts, they then changed the customer's login information, locking them out of their accounts. In some cases, the hackers tried to purchase streaming subscriptions from the person's account.