Hagerty Hill Climb: A Thrilling Motorsport Event for All

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Hagerty, a prominent name in the automotive lifestyle and insurance sector, is delighted to announce the much-anticipated return of the Hagerty Hill Climb. This exciting event is scheduled to take place at the historic Shelsley Walsh venue on Saturday, 11th May. Known for its rich legacy in British motorsport, Shelsley Walsh is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most revered hill climb locations globally.

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Opening its gates in 1905, Shelsley Walsh has been a continuous host to motorsport events, barring interruptions during World War II and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The venue has witnessed numerous renowned drivers, including Stirling Moss, and holds the record for the fastest time set by Sean Gould in 2021, who completed the 1000-yard course in a mere 22.37 seconds.


The Hagerty Hill Climb offers a unique motorsport experience that differs from typical track days. Cars tackle the course individually, with each run being timed. However, the essence of the event is non-competitive, focusing on inclusive enjoyment for participants regardless of their driving experience or vehicle type. This format provides an ideal environment for enthusiasts to engage in motorsport in a safe and enjoyable setting.

Not just a haven for drivers, the event is also a fantastic day out for spectators. Attendees can enjoy a variety of food and drink options, numerous viewing areas, and the chance to explore the paddock. Here, they can get up close with an expected lineup of 160 road and racing cars, ranging from vintage models to the latest sports cars.

For those wishing to participate as drivers, the event is priced at £135. This fee guarantees at least three hill climb runs and includes complimentary food and drink throughout the day. After an initial morning briefing, cars are grouped and runs are conducted continuously, providing ample track time for all. Spectator entry is exceptionally valued at £25 per car, making it an affordable outing for groups or families.

The Managing Director of Hagerty International highlighted the inclusive nature of the event, stating, “Hagerty welcomes enthusiasts of all stripes. Our Hill Climb event exemplifies this, inviting everyone from supercar owners to family hatchback drivers to participate in this historic motorsport event. For added assurance, Hagerty also offers insurance for those looking to secure their vehicles for the day.”

With its blend of history, inclusivity, and motorsport thrill, the Hagerty Hill Climb at Shelsley Walsh is poised to be an unmissable event for automotive enthusiasts.

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