Hamilton fight highlighted McLaren weaknesses – Piastri

Oscar Piastri says his difficulty overtaking Lewis Hamilton in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix highlighted a number of weaknesses that McLaren is facing.

The Australian was running a strong fourth after overtaking Fernando Alonso early in the race and appeared to be a threat to Charles Leclerc for the podium, but was then stuck behind Hamilton when the Mercedes driver didn’t pit under the safety car. Hamilton had the top speed to keep Piastri at bay until he finally made his own stop, showing up a lack of top speed for the McLaren.

“I’m not sure fun is the word I would use,” Piastri said. “Frustrating, yes. I mean, I think it kind of just showed a couple of weaknesses of ours definitely. I was very relieved when he boxed out of the way but just didn’t quite have enough on the straights mainly to get past.

“I was hoping he was going to pit about 15 laps before he did, but I think he started to struggle on the tires because I was basically past him when he boxed. He had to pit at some stage, and that seemed like a good time to do it.”