Hardcore BMW M2 Variant Already Spotted Testing

bmw m2 cs prototype camouflaged
Hardcore BMW M2 Variant Already Spotted TestingKGP Photography

BMW just launched the 2023 M2 last month. The company hasn't wasted any time getting an even more capable variant ready, as this camouflaged prototype with some aggressive aero has been spotted out in the open.

This fully camo'd M2 was caught chilling unattended in a parking lot recently, giving us our first look at what a more capable, faster version of M's best car might look like. The wheel, tire, and brake packages look identical to the base car, but there are a handful of aero-specific body changes we can spot beneath the funky black and white pattern.

The front bumper has been reworked to include more aero elements, including two blades towards either leading edge. The rear bumper, too, has been re-sculpted to better flow air around the massive muffler. The biggest update is the chunky lip spoiler on the trunk, reminiscent of the item found on the track-ready M4 CSL. The wing leads us to believe this could be an upcoming M2 CS.


Usually after modern M cars get launched, they get a Competition version a year or two later, then a CS variant a year or two after that. BMW released the original M2 in 2015, but didn't announce the first CS until four years later. So it's possible the company could be skipping over the Competition version altogether, and develop the CS first. M2 project manager Markus Schröder told Bimmer Today the company wasn't planning a Competition model, so that makes sense. BMW has yet to reveal any info, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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