Harley-Davidson Rider Gives Arkansas Troopers A Run For Their Money

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Harley-Davidson Rider Gives Arkansas Troopers A Run For Their Money
Harley-Davidson Rider Gives Arkansas Troopers A Run For Their Money

Some might suspect a Harley-Davidson cruiser isn’t all that fast of a bike. It’s a dumb assumption made by people who don’t know much, but we suppose it’s because they don’t look sleek and athletic like sport bikes but instead appear to be so heavy they can’t really accelerate. This chase between one and Arkansas State Police should clear up that misperception.

Pursuing trooper only had to follow this fleeing Suzuki.

Two troopers happen upon this guy and start following him as the accelerates, then begins weaving through traffic. That’s when the chase really begins.


This guy shows he really knows how to ride, unlike the amateurs we see so often who don’t understand how to lean their bike and body to get through turns faster, etc. While that’s impressive to see, we can’t endorse using good riding skills to run from police.

What’s extra scary about this chase is the suspect isn’t wearing a helmet or any armor while going well over 100 mph. One wrong move and he’s street pizza. He also likes going into oncoming traffic, sometimes cutting that close.

But the suspect does capitalize on his biggest advantage: the size of his vehicle. He uses that to squeeze through traffic which slows down the troopers, building a commanding lead in no time.

We know the camera doesn’t show all the human eye can see, but after a bit it seems like the troopers are chasing a ghost. Still, they seem to know where the Harley turned, so they had to have seen it in the distance when the camera didn’t pick it up. Right?

Well, they turn around suddenly, so maybe not. We can’t tell what the radio chatter says, so we can’t figure out how they knew where to backtrack to. However that was, they went right to where the Harley was parked at a private residence.

The rider, however, is long gone. After searching the area, the troopers leave and eventually catch up with the guy who’s on foot. He got away for a bit, but it was a short-lived victory.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube