What the heck is Swig, and why are the lines for it so long?

A popular soda brand is getting some viral fame now that TikTokers keep sharing just how long the lines can get outside various store locations.

It’s called Swig — and, unlike other typical fast-food chains, it isn’t known for burgers, sandwiches or desserts. Instead, it’s known for its infamous Dirty Soda!

According to the brand’s website, the company was first launched in 2010 in St. George, Utah, after its owner and founder, Nicole Tanner, came up with a unique idea for a drive-by drink shop. After the first location took off, others started springing up all over Utah. Today there are now 45 drive-thru locations across Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas.


To truly understand how popular these locations are, TikTokers are filming the seemingly never-ending lines customers are willing to wait in just to get a sip — and it is truly impressive.

In one clip, TikToker @douglasarner films the long line of cars that has formed outside one Utah location, which appears to wrap several times around a large parking lot.

“Y’all need help,” the user jokes in their caption.

In another viral clip swarming with customers at a location in Fairview, Texas, customers form two lines in a parking lot as they patiently wait to order.

At first glance, the footage from these videos seems like the store’s grand opening. But the truth is, most days seem to be like this.

That’s because Swig doesn’t just sell traditional sodas you could find at a McDonald’s or Burger King. Instead, the menu is chock-full of customized beverages (or Dirty Sodas), something you won’t find anywhere else.

There’s the Beach Babe, featuring Mountain Dew mixed with raspberry, peach and vanilla cream. Then there’s the Riptide — a refreshing blend of Sprite, cranberry, raspberry puree and fresh lime. Or how about the Cherry Babe? That’s Pepsi, cherry, coconut and vanilla cream flavors — YUM.

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