Help, I Can't Stop Laughing At These Internet Geniuses Who Totally, Completely, 100% Nailed Their Responses Last Week

1.On teeth:

Someone says what's red and bad for teeth and someone responds a brick

2.On English:

Comment about how they hate how English makes you say thinks like "that that" and "do do," and response, "Hate that that's something I do do sometimes"

3.On Europe:

"How is sex different in Europe than America?" "It happens 6-9 hours earlier"

4.On Americans:

Someone makes fun of Americans saying they always say things like garbage disposal and i-95, and someone says they'd be good names for a pair of orange cats

5.On belly buttons:

Someone says your belly button is your old mouth and someone freaks out about it

6.On YouTube:

Someone says what's the fastest way to lose youtube subscribers and someone says delete your account

7.On smells:

Someone asks what smells better than it tastes and someone says a nose

8.On hogs:

Map of hog population where the responder pretend the borders of the map are also hogs

9.On driving:

Someone tells a story of running over a pothole while they're drowsy from medication

10.On camouflage:

Someone says it's weird you don't see green animals and someone says that means their camouflage is working

11.On shirts:

Someone says shirts are crazy your body goes in 1 hole and out 3 and someone says excuse me

12.On space:

Someone tells a story of a radio signal that came from space and we don't know where it came from to this day, and someone else says yes we do, it came from space

13.On knives:

Someone posts a picture of a figurine knife holder with a knife through its abdomen, and says everyone's a knife holder if you try hard enough

14.On our demise:

Someone asks what happens after you die, and someone says your family fights over your stuff

15.On reading:

Someone says "What if I told you you read the title wrong," and someone says, "Well you wrote it wrong"

16.On CDs:

Someone says cassettes have sides A and B, so it's logical that CDs would be next

17.On zombies:

Someone says something confusing ("How do thirst walk the thirst drink eat zombie the food, having problems reloading the zombie after dark") and gets told to check their carbon monoxide detector

18.On recipes:

Someone posts a tray with cookies on it and says they are making edible recipes without the weed, and someone replies "So baking"
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