Here's an In-Depth Tour of the Wonderful Honda S2000R Restomod

honda s2000r restomod
Honda S2000 Restomod: An In-Depth TourLarry Chen - YouTube

Evasive Motorsports' Honda S2000R is the coolest restomod we've seen in a long time. It's the California-based shop's take on the S2000 Type R that Honda never built, but modernized. Pro Photographer Larry Chen got a closer look at the project, giving us an opportunity to soak in all the wonderful details.

Chen recruited Evasive Motorsports' CEO Mike Chang to give a full, in-depth video tour of the S2000R, explaining why it's become such an internet sensation. A peak under the hood or into the cabin should be good indicators of just how deep the firm has gone to create the perfect Honda roadster.


At first glance the S2000R looks like any other S2000, repainted in Championship White and fitted with a wing and some aftermarket wheels. But it's so much more. Under the hood is a K20C1, the turbocharged inline-four found in the last-gen Civic Type R, making 306 hp. There are also wider front fenders made in carbon fiber to fit more rubber, and a carbon hood designed to fit the Mugen carbon fiber airbox. The front bumper is a Honda original, made to celebrate the car's 20th anniversary.

Behind the 18-inch Evasive Motorsport-designed wheels sit six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers, aided by Yokohama AD09 tires. There's also a custom KW suspension and Eibach anti-roll bars. Inside you'll find a set of spectacular Recaro seats, a digital gauge cluster, and a lovely Momo steering wheel with the horn button from the NSX-R.

Evasive Motorsports plans to build and sell S2000Rs for customers, though it has yet to announce timing or pricing. With prices for normal S2000s on the rise, we can't imagine something as well-done as this will cost less than six figures all-in.

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