Here's the easiest way to organize your dresser

These folding hacks make organizing your dresser a breeze

Video Transcript

FILLIP HORD: Welcome back to "In the Know, Uncluttered." I'm Fillip.

JAMIE HORD: And I'm Jamie. And today we're going to show you how to organize a dresser.

So here we have a shared dresser. These expandable drawer dividers are going to create structure inside your drawer.

FILLIP HORD: We used a clear label to ensure that it's barely visible.

JAMIE HORD: Now I'm going to show you guys how to fold some clothes. The first tip I always give when folding is to look at the item. And then lay it down flat. Imagine a line going down the middle. And for the boxers, we're going to do a trifold.


You're going to slide your hand underneath for support, lift this top flap, and tuck this in. For the socks, you're going to do a half-fold. And then you're going to tuck it in.

Next, I'm going to show you how to fold a T-shirt. Lay it face down. We're going to go almost halfway in. You're going to fold the sleeve back and then come in almost halfway with the other side. And then we're going to fold upward. And the magic number for T-shirts is usually four folds.

Now we're going to do a pair of sweatpants. This guy we're going to tuck in. And we're going to take the bottom almost all the way to the top, right below the waistline there, two folds. So there you have it. We hope these tips and tricks for helpful to getting your dresser organized. I'm Jamie.

FILLIP HORD: And I'm Fillip. And this is "In the Know, Uncluttered." We'll see you next time.