Here's Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Own a Museum-Quality Toyota Matrix With 400 Miles

Photo credit: Cars & Bids
Photo credit: Cars & Bids

When someone lets a car sit undriven for 20 years, it's usually for a reason. And that reason is to let the car appreciate, because it's usually some sort of rare exotic or collector's item. Low-mileage sports cars come up for sale all the time, but it's not often we see pedestrian-spec 2003 Toyota hatchbacks with 400 miles on the clock. But that's exactly what we have here.

This 2003 Toyota Matrix has somehow gone its entire life virtually undriven. Its odometer reads just 400 miles, and it looks perfectly preserved in time, like it just rolled off the dealership showroom. Now it's being auctioned off on Cars & Bids.

Doug DeMuro, the website's founder, describes this Matrix as a true unicorn, and we're inclined to agree. Not only is this car virtually new, it's incredibly basic, with manual windows, manually adjustable door mirrors, steel wheels, and unpainted door handles. There's a gigantic gap in the CarFax from 2005 to 2022, suggesting this thing wasn't touched for years. We are awestruck, which is a fun thing to say about a Toyota Matrix.

Though the ad listing doesn't provide a background into how this Matrix came to exist in its current form, a comment from the seller suggests the original owner became ill and couldn't drive it. It seems the seller purchased it in June and performed a swath of maintenance to ensure good operation, including oil, coolant, brake fluid, and tire changes. The fuel system has also been flushed.

This Matrix is currently up for bidding on Cars & Bids with a high bid of $7600 and five days remaining as of this writing.

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