New Herschel Walker accuser alleges he attacked her violently: ‘He’s a pathological liar’

Alex Wong/Getty Images North America/TNS

Yet another woman claiming to have been involved with Herschel Walker has come forward with bombshell allegations against the Georgia Senate candidate. And this accuser is putting her name on the record.

“He’s a pathological liar. Absolutely,” Cheryl Parsa told the Daily Beast. “But it’s more than that.”

The Dallas resident said she dated Walker for a half-decade in the 2000s and was in contact with him regularly until roughly three years ago. She said Walker, who has struggled with mental illness, used his diagnosis as an excuse for “lying, cheating and ultimately destroying families.”

According to Parsa, she saw the former football star’s ugly side when she caught him cheating on her in 2005. Parsa provided photos of her and Walker together on several occasions to confirm their relationship. She said when she caught Walker with another woman in his Dallas condo, he took a swing at her, causing her to run away in fear. The bizarre behavior she’s seeing from Walker on the campaign trail — where he’s in a neck-and-neck Senate race with incumbent Raphael Warnock — seems all too familiar.

“He is not well,” Parsa told the Daily Beast. “He cannot have control over a state when he has little to no control of his mind.”

Among the many controversies plaguing Walker’s Senate bid are claims by two women that Walker paid for them to abort pregnancies he caused. The 60-year-old candidate denies both claims — despite one of them being made by the mother of a child he fathered; but had only recently acknowledged publicly. The one son he had talked about, Christian Walker, tweeted in October that he and his mother relocated more than six times in as many months “running from (Walker’s) violence.”

Throughout his campaign, video has come to light showing Walker lying about his education, business ventures and supposed background in law enforcement. Serious questions about whether he even lives in Georgia surfaced last week when CNN reported Walker was getting a 2022 tax break in Texas intended only for residents in the Lone Star State.

Walker has not commented on the most recent claim against him.