Hit-And-Run Driver Pretends To Be Asleep

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Hit-And-Run Driver Pretends To Be Asleep
Hit-And-Run Driver Pretends To Be Asleep

Drunk and/or high people often think they’re pretty clever. That’s why many DUI suspects do the silliest, dumbest things to try throwing cops off when they arrive on the scene. While we’ve seen our fair share of ridiculous ploys and alibies, this is the first time we’ve seen a suspect pretend to be asleep so police won’t arrest him.

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Right out of the capital of Washington, the great Olympia, comes this sordid tale as originally recounted by The Olympian. It all started when a guy driving a Mercedes hit an SUV at about 1 am on May 27.


When police arrived, the SUV was tipped over with an adult female as well as two children, ages 13 and 11, inside. But the Mercedes was long gone. The thing is when you hit another vehicle you always leave behind some evidence, at the minimum some paint off your car if not some rather identifiable pieces.

But in this case, the Mercedes lost its license plate. So it didn’t take cops long to figure out who was behind the wheel.

One officer went to the suspect’s house but was waiting for backup to arrive before knocking on the door. While he was sitting there who did he happen to see but the Mercedes driver riding as a passenger in a Camaro as it rolled slowly past the house and the waiting cop.

Probably realizing why the police officer was there, our suspect and his buddy pulled over on the side of the road and promptly pretended to be asleep. We’ve seen little kids pull this ridiculous trick when they don’t want to do something, but this might be the first time we’ve heard of grown men pulling it.

Needless to say, the officer wasn’t fooled by the childish game. Both the driver of the Camaro and the hit-and-run suspect were arrested for DUI, the Mercedes driver also picking up a hit-and-run charge.

Image via The Olympian

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