Home Invasion Robbery For Car Keys Turns Into Shootout

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Home Invasion Robbery For Car Keys Turns Into Shootout
Home Invasion Robbery For Car Keys Turns Into Shootout

With more people using Faraday cages and other security devices to keep their cars safe from thieves overnight, some criminals have decided to just do home invasion robberies. We’ve seen an uptick in cases where thieves break into a house, steal car keys, then take off with the vehicles.

Article from 2013 predicted police chases were going away.

While some might try arguing that’s no big deal, we think someone breaking into your house while your family is asleep constitutes an extreme threat. After all, that’s only a step or two away from holding your family hostage and worse. So we can understand why a homeowner in Winnetka, Illinois opened fire.


According to local station WGN, the homeowner told police the suspects broke into his home office and got the keys for a Ferrari and Range Rover. They were able to get both of the vehicles started but failed to drive away with it.

Running outside, the homeowner warned the suspects if they didn’t stop trying to steal his property he would open fire. In response, he says the thieves shot at him first, so he returned fire. Two suspects jumped in a getaway vehicle and sped off, the third running away on foot.

The thieves sound like they’ve been at this for a while, with the homeowner saying they seemed calm and organized. They were also wearing masks, so they couldn’t be identified. Usually, it’s the more polished criminals who go after big fish like a Range Rover and Ferrari at someone’s house.

That homeowner also said it was the second time in two years his house, which sits in a rather tranquil, upscale neighborhood, has been targeted by thieves. This time he was ready to take action.

This type of crime keeps happening, and not just to people who have flashy vehicles sitting in the driveway.

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