Honda announces a hydrogen-powered CR-V is coming in 2024

Honda just announced that it will be making a hydrogen-powered CR-V in 2024. Where the hydrogen CR-V is being produced, though, is arguably just as interesting as the vehicle’s presence. If you had Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) on your bingo card, congrats!

We’ve long wondered what Honda would move into the PMC now that Acura NSX production is finished, but now the wait is over, and a hydrogen CR-V is the answer. No, we would have never guessed that either.

“Our associates at the Performance Manufacturing Center have really enjoyed the opportunity to successfully introduce several specialty vehicles into the market,” said PMC plant leader Gail May. “This facility is perfect for production of a new Honda fuel cell electric vehicle, as our small-volume capability enables us to really leverage the skill and expertise of our team to produce quality zero-emission vehicles here in North America.”

Honda didn’t reveal much about this upcoming fuel cell-powered CR-V, but there is one intriguing detail. In addition to being able to fill with hydrogen, you’ll be able to plug in (like an EV) to charge an onboard battery that Honda says will provide enough range for “driving around town.” It sounds a little like a PHEV, but instead of a gasoline engine as a supplemental power source, the CR-V continues on hydrogen power once the battery pack is depleted.


As you’d expect, this hydrogen CR-V is based on the new generation of CR-V just released this year. We all want more details, but Honda says additional information will be available closer to the vehicle’s introduction in 2024.

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