Honda Civic Owners File Class Action Suit Over "Sticky" Steering

honda civic 2023
Honda Civic Owners File "Sticky" Steering LawsuitHonda

Brooklyn, New York law firm Hagens Berman has filed a class-action lawsuit against Honda over dozens of reports of "sticky" electric power steering racks in Civics that can suddenly fail and cause a crash, CarBuzz reports.

The firm claims American Honda Motor Company sold 2022 and 2023 model year Civics that it knew were equipped with faulty steering racks that could fail without warning under various driving conditions. The suit cites no less than 145 complaints made to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the problem.

CarBuzz points out one particularly scary description from someone who experienced the issue first hand. From the NHTSA's website:


Steering is 'sticky,' making it difficult to make minor adjustments while driving. Each time any move is made with the steering wheel, it is like it has to 'break free' from being stuck. This happens almost all the time over 40-45 mph, regardless of the driving mode.

The NHTSA has launched a preliminary investigation in response to the sheer number of complaints, says Hagens Berman. In a statement to CarBuzz, Honda confirmed the investigation and said it will cooperate with the government agency throughout the process, while conducting an internal investigation of its own.

Honda told CarBuzz that most of the vehicles referenced in the NHTSA complaints are newer, lower-mileage vehicles that should still be under warranty. The Japanese automaker is encouraging owners to bring their cars to an authorized dealer to diagnose any issues.

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