Honda Insight Killed; New Accord, Civic, CR-V Hybrids Are Coming

Photo credit: Honda
Photo credit: Honda
  • The Honda Insight, a hybridized version of the tenth generation Civic, will end production in June 2022.

  • With the Insight on the way out, Honda will focus on hybridizing its "core" models, the CR-V, Accord, and 11th-generation Civic.

  • Honda says that a CR-V hybrid will arrive this year, and the next-generation CR-V has already been spied testing.

Honda, which currently does not sell an electric car in North America, recently divulged its EV plans, including two potential electric sports cars. But before these EVs join Honda’s lineup, the Japanese automaker will expand its hybrid arsenal with three new models. However, these new hybrids will come at the expense of one of Honda’s existing hybrid offerings, with the Insight set to end production this year.

Photo credit: Brad Fick - Car and Driver
Photo credit: Brad Fick - Car and Driver

Honda says that its electrification strategy will center around hybridizing what it calls its “core” models—the CR-V, Accord, and Civic. But as Honda focuses on these vehicles, the Insight will fall by the wayside, with Honda announcing that the Insight will end production in June 2022. The most recent Insight, which was closely related to the Civic, will be effectively replaced by a Civic Hybrid that Honda says will arrive at some point in the future.


Honda also revealed that a new CR-V Hybrid will arrive this year, followed by an Accord Hybrid. We’ve already seen Honda testing the next generation CR-V, so this seemingly confirms its debut later this year with a hybrid variant in the mix. Honda aims for the hybrid models to consist of up to 50 precent of the sales mix for the CR-V and Accord, meaning the CR-V and Accord will continue to offer gas powertrains for the foreseeable future.

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