Honda Motocompacto Electrifies Its Nifty Little Motocompo Scooter

honda motocompacto
Honda Motocompacto Electrifies the MotocompoHonda
  • Honda’s Motocompacto is set to launch in November with an MSRP of $995.

  • The battery-powered suitcase scooter can hit 15 mph and travel up to 12 miles.

  • Honda says the Motocompacto’s onboard 110-volt charger can charge the scooter in 3.5 hours.

Honda’s Motocompo might not have been the company’s most powerful motorcycle or even its most useful transportation tool, but it might go down in history as one of the strangest products to ever leave a Honda factory. Because of how strange it is, the folding Motocompo scooter has a devoted following, with prices surging from increased interest in Honda and motorcycle collectors alike.


Now, Honda is giving the Motocomp a modern, battery-electric revival with the Motorcompacto.

Eschewing the Motocompo’s 49cc engine, the Motocompacto sports a single, permanent-magnet, direct-drive electric motor. This single motor shoves 490 watts, or 0.66 hp to the front wheel. Feeding that motor is a 6.8-Ah battery that can be brought to a full charge in 3.5 hours by way of the on-board 110-volt charger.

That small battery might hurt the range, but does help keep the weight down to a manageable 41.3 pounds.

Honda says this e-scooter is good for 15 mph sprints and can travel 12 miles on a charge. That’d admittedly not going to replace your Civic, but that’s not what Honda is trying to accomplish with this e-scooter.

The company wants the foldable mobility solution to work as a first-and-last-mile solution. While that might help with city dwellers hitting their respective mass transit resources, this Motocompact is probably going to be popular among Honda fans and folks who just want something different.

The best part? Honda says this foldable e-scooter will have a $995 MSRP when it hits Honda dealers in November. While its range and performance might not be the best, this odd foldable scooter could become just as collectible as its predecessor.

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