Honda Unveils Neo-Rugged Prologue EV Concept

Photo credit: Honda
Photo credit: Honda
  • Honda releases a rendering of its new "neo-rugged" Prologue EV concept, complete with off-road capable tires and a wide footprint.

  • Continuing its partnership with General Motors, Honda confirms an additional set of compact EV crossovers will be available by 2027, in addition to its own e: Architecture offerings.

  • The company will take a regional and regulation-informed approach to EV sales with newly designed showroom layouts available to high demand dealerships.

Knobby tires, a thin front fascia, and long wheelbase stylize Honda’s new Prologue EV SUV in a new teaser rendering. A hint of Honda’s overseas E architecture blends with the boxy but soft shapes popularized by the Pilot and Passport SUVs to create the new Ultium battery-platformed SUV.

“The exterior styling of the Prologue represents the clean, simple and timeless values of the global Honda design direction, together with a long wheelbase, shorter overhang and a strong stance outfitted with a capable tire,” Honda said. “The team also focused on aerodynamics, fine-tuning the body with a simple surface direction and fewer lines to improve range and reduce cabin noise.”

Co-development with General Motors has allowed Honda to minimize development costs in a move they say will ultimately lower the cost of entry for prospective EV buyers. Honda has yet to release any pricing or mechanical specifications for the new Prologue, though the model will fit within the brand's midsize SUV category. With a release date of 2024, Honda’s Prologue is set to be the first North American BEV offering since the Honda Clarity EV, which ceased production in 2020.

Using GM’s 200-kWh Ultium skateboard architecture may offer up to 400 miles of range for the Prologue. As other automakers continue their EV development programs, range and charging capacity will define the segment, with the Ultium platform optimized for Level 2 and DC fast charging. A potential charge rate of 100 miles every 10 minutes, as demonstrated on the Hummer EV, could set up Honda’s new EV for success.