Honda's Civic Type R-GT Concept Targets Super GT

honda civic type rgt concept super gt
Honda's Civic Type R-GT Concept Targets Super GTHonda

Honda just pulled the cover off of a new racing car concept aimed at joining next year’s Japanese Super GT Championship during the ongoing Tokyo Auto Salon. Known as the Honda Civic Type R-GT Concept, this new racer previews the automaker’s replacement for the outgoing NSX-GT model, which just completed its final season in the GT500 Series of the fan-favorite championship.

With 2023 marking the end of the line for the roadgoing Honda and Acura NSX program, the automaker needs a new machine to take racing in Super GT. Now that the FL5 generation Civic Type R sits atop the brand’s performance portfolio, it makes for a logical choice as the basis of a new racing car. That said, there appears to be little shared between this GT500 Series competitor and the production CTR. Per Super GT regulations, the car will ride on a carbon monocoque chassis complete with a RWD layout, as well as feature a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder. Since 2014, cars in the GT500 Series have been making in excess of 650 horsepower with that motor. That’s quite a bit more than the 315 horsepower on offer in the road car. GT500 race cars also benefit from more aero than lower rung Super GT cars, as is made evident by this concept. The Civic Type R-GT Concept features wider bodywork all around, which is accented by a splitter and set of canards up front. Fender vents and side skirts also join the aero kit, as well as an aggressive rear diffuser and swan-neck rear wing combo.

Other highlights on the concept include the massive door-mounted exhaust setup, center lock wheels, and proper racing-grade rubber. Combined with the new red, white and blue livery, the CTR makes for an impressive looking racer. Interestingly, this concept marks the first time that a five-door body style has been adapted for GT500 Series duty despite rules allowing such a design arriving back in 2012.


While the Honda Civic Type R-GT is just a concept at this time, it will be exciting to see a version of the CTR make its way to Super GT. The car might not carry the same visual appeal as the NSX-GT, but it's hardly an ugly duckling. Whether or not the car is able to remain competitive in class will have to be seen. You can watch the unveiling of the car yourself down below.

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