Hoonigan Pays Tribute to Ken Block With 30-Car Burnout Salute at SEMA

ken block hoonigan burnout tribute
Hoonigan Tributes Block With 30-Car BurnoutTheHoonigans / Instagram

Last week marked the first SEMA showcase since the death of Ken Block in January. His long-time partners at Hoonigan put on a few displays at their "Burnyard" event space at the show, but none was more spectacular than a 30-car burnout salute in salute to its late founder.

The massive group burnout featured cars, vans, trucks, and everything in between. Some chose to do brake stands, others drifted around an open space in the middle of the lot, but all contributed to an extensive shredding of tires that left rear fenders and pavement alike on fire.

The massive final cloud of tire smoke was tall enough to engulf the bottom floors of a nearby high-rise in a layer of shredded rubber. The dense artificial fog billowed into the air, creating a massive temporary addition to the Las Vegas skyline in Block's honor from the remnants of dozens of tires burnt off dozens of cars. It was the highlight of a full weekend of tire shredding and stunts at the Burnyard, an event that also included drifting GT-Rs with V-8 swaps, a limo jumping over a camper upside down, and the return of the Hoonicorn Mustang in the hands of Lia Block.


This time last year, Ken Block was taking over Las Vegas for an all-electric Gymkhana video in the Audi Hoonitron. One year later, his legacy is kept alive not just by Hoonigan but by everyone out there with a love for cars and a hatred for tires.

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