Horner accuser suspended following investigation

The complainant in the investigation into Red Bull team principal Christian Horner’s behavior has been suspended, RACER understands.

Horner was accused of inappropriate behavior by a female colleague and faced an internal investigation, which ended with the grievance being dismissed last week. RACER now understands that the complainant has been suspended on full pay due to Red Bull believing there were inaccuracies and concerns relating to the evidence given in that investigation. 

A spokesperson for Red Bull refused to comment on the situation, stating it is an internal matter.

The development is the latest in a series of twists in the saga relating to Horner, who has called for an end to the focus on the situation.

“It’s obviously been a very trying period,” Horner said. “I’m married and have three children. And when that intrusion includes your children and the scrutiny is placed on my marriage… I’m very fortunate that I have a beautiful family and a very supportive wife. And I’m the only one that has been named in this. So, of course, it’s very trying.