Horse And Buggy Stolen From Walmart Parking Lot

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Horse And Buggy Stolen From Walmart Parking Lot
Horse And Buggy Stolen From Walmart Parking Lot

We keep hearing from people about how they don’t worry about their car getting stolen because “it isn’t that nice.” Well, we have news for everyone: thieves will steal literally anything. Case in point – someone stole an Amish horse and buggy from a Walmart parking lot in Michigan. Nothing is safe.

A truck was stolen, then returned with an apology note and presents.

According to the Sturgis Department of Public Safety, the theft in question happened at about 5:30 pm on January 20 after the owner of the horse and buggy came out of the Walmart to find the vehicle missing. Again, just realize if someone will steal this they will also steal your hooptie, no matter how worthless you believe it to be.


Fortunately, a truck driver who was parked at the Walmart witnessed the theft and was able to supply police with a description of the female suspect. Not shockingly, officers realized they had an interaction with her at Walmart earlier in the day.

Later that same evening, an officer found the horse and buggy abandoned. Conducting a search, police found the suspect, a 31-year-old Sturgis resident, in a motel nearby, arresting her without incident. She’s now facing larceny and larceny of livestock charges.

Thankfully, as noted by police, the buggy and horse were unharmed, otherwise the suspect would be facing even more potential consequences.

We’re assuming this woman decided to take the horse and buggy because it was easy and she wanted to get somewhere without walking. Sometimes thieves steal cars for the same reasons and old, crappy cars are easier to swipe.

But sometimes thieves then use your ride to commit other crimes, including drive-by shootings or transporting narcotics. That might cause considerable damage to your vehicle, if you ever get it back. In those situations it actually might be better if you don’t. This is why we recommend adding some extra security and a tracking device to any car, even the old junky ones.

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