Hot Rod Granny Blasts Around Racetrack For 102nd Birthday

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Hot Rod Granny Blasts Around Racetrack For 102nd Birthday
Hot Rod Granny Blasts Around Racetrack For 102nd Birthday

Some people slow way down in their old age, but Virginia resident Bindy Gralow, who originally lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, has fire in her veins. For her 102nd birthday she took a ride around Richmond Raceway in an official NASCAR pace car. We know some young people who would be too nervous to even think about that.

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With the media in attendance, Gralow was all smiles getting into the Toyota pace car, even waving at reporters before her door was closed. Then she turned to the driver and told him, “Go as fast as you like because I love fast.” This woman is after our hearts.


She admitted to the media to having been a speed junkie her whole life. And now that she lives in the United States she’s a huge fan of NASCAR, which gave birth to the idea of going for a ride around her local oval. Some think she might be the oldest fan of NASCAR, which certainly is possible.

Celebrating your birthday with a ride around a racetrack is an excellent idea. It’s far better than some boring luncheon or going to Cheesecake Factory. Gralow says she thinks for her 103rd birthday celebration she’ll attend a NASCAR race.

When asked by a reporter, “Was it fast enough for you?” Gralow quickly replied, “Oh, no!” She went on to explain she wants to go “as fast as possible.” Now that we can identify with.

Probably for insurance reasons, the driver was restricted to going only 65 mph, even on the straightaways. But Gralow and two of her daughters were able to go around the oval about six times, making for a memorable 102nd birthday celebration.

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