The House Judiciary Committee Is Asking About the Andretti Cadillac F1 Snub

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House Judiciary Is Asking About Andretti F1 SnubKym Illman - Getty Images

Last week, a bipartisan group of 12 members of U.S. Congress reached out to Formula 1 commercial rights holders Liberty Media to raise questions about the January rejection of Andretti Global and Cadillac's 2026 expansion bid. That process has now escalated to the House Judiciary Committee, which has requested a brief on the decision and extensive documentation on the process that led to the organization's decision.

A letter shared by NBC news, which is signed by Republican committee lead Jim Jordan and also includes the letterhead of ranking Democrat Jerrold Nadler, is addressed to both Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei and Formula One Group CEO Stefano Domenicali. Like the first letter, it notes that the FIA approved Andretti's program because of its competitive and financial viability. The letter goes on to question the justifications for F1's disapproval.

Finally, the letter requests a briefing documenting the specific reasons for the decision and a wide variety of documents relating to the decision. This is for review as "the Committee examines this matter and considers potential legislation around the structure and competition of sports leagues." Those are requested by 5:00 PM on May 21st of this year.


In a statement shared with NBC News, Andretti Global says "We’re glad that the House Judiciary Committee has decided to investigate the practices of Liberty Media and FOM, as called for last week by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. Our focus remains on building a world-class Formula 1 team, and our work continues at pace."

Resolution is still months away, but the Andretti program seems committed to fighting for its spot on the grid. That decision could come well after the amount of time the team would need to prepare for 2026, so the program has already listed job openings for a potential entry in advance of possibly racing just 22 months from now.

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