Housefire Takes 2015 Corvette Dream Car

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Fiery end for a Corvette and dream ride.

For anybody, the idea of the house fire is something that shocks and scares all of us. That’s where our families sleep, all of life‘s best memories are made, in the space where most feel the safest. It’s even worse when you’ve got your dream car sitting in the garage as you watch your life be ripped away from you by the indifferent blaze of a fire. That’s exactly what this homeowner had to face.

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As the fire spread, touching everything and its path and subsequently destroying it, the flames made their way to the garage. In that garage was a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette, a top-tier but mostly affordable American sports car style rivaling that of any supercar. You might hope that such a vehicle could be saved but the unfortunate reality is that this Corvette was doomed from the start. Its battery was being charged at the time, which may or may not have something to do with the cause of the fire, So it’s not exactly like the owner could’ve just backed it out in the garage.

The bright side of the story, if there was one, is that a BMW SUV, which was also in that garage, was successfully retrieved. This was likely the owner's grocery getter with the Corvette being their fun car. Well it definitely could’ve been worse, like if that BMW had also gone up in flames, it’s still a tragedy that such a prized possession had to be taken along with the driver's home. Hopefully, they’ll get back up on their feet soon but until then the fire department is still investigating what exactly happened here.

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