Houston Meat Thieves Busted

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Houston Meat Thieves Busted
Houston Meat Thieves Busted

We know the price of meat is pretty ridiculous these days but we didn’t think 2023 would include meat heists. A couple of men in Harris County, Texas have been busted for swiping 46 packs of meat, including oxtails, so this might be a thing moving forward into 2024.

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According to Chron, the men were caught with a carload of meat after they hit up grocery stores in the area of Cypress. After conducting a traffic stop, a sergeant could see the unbagged meat packages just sitting in the backseat. These guys were no master tacticians.

Even worse, these guys were driving around in a murdered-out Cadillac CTS Coupe with wheels that have a serious case of curb rash and plenty of orange peel paint. That alone should earn these guys a few years in the state penitentiary, if Texas had proper laws defending cars from awful modifications.


Authorities say the total value of the oxtails, shrimp, steak, and other meats stolen by the men is over $1,100. We’ve heard in some areas police or prosecutors won’t even do anything for such a “small amount” but in Harris County it seems that kind of theft is still viewed as a big deal.

We wonder how much of that meat was even consumable after it sat out of refrigeration for who knows how long. Did police have a backyard grilling party after seizing all that evidence? There’s so much more to the story nobody seems to know.

Some people on social media seem to feel stealing over $1,100 of meat was done by these men “to feed their family.” Just how many kids do these guys have if that’s the case? And why didn’t they have coolers to keep everything fresh for all those supposed love ones?

This whole story is just bizarre, especially the Cadillac.

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