This Houston Nissan Dealer's TikTok Is the Funniest Thing I've Seen All Year

Central Houston Nissan | Instagram
Central Houston Nissan | Instagram

Forget standup comedy. Forget Adam Sandler movies. Forget professionally written and acted, Emmy-winning network sitcoms. Forget late drunken nights in your buddy's basement. Forget Twitter memes. The hardest I've laughed in a very long time may just be at the TikToks of a Texas Nissan dealer.

E.B. White once said that explaining a joke—like dissecting a frog—kills it, so I'm just gonna let the work speak for itself.

Maybe it is just me and my broken-brain propensity for finding humor and joy in the misfortune of others. But there is something deeply hilarious and remarkably creative about stitching together found internet footage of people getting hurt and a Central Houston Nissan employee trying to hock a deal in the feign aftermath of said injury.


The clips have gone relatively undiscovered on Instagram as of this writing, but on TikTok, they've gathered hundreds of thousands if not millions of views, even garnering the attention of straight-laced automotive news site Automotive News.

Here's one of my personal favorites depicting general sales manager Chris Gates nearly losing his pants after being "attacked" "by" "a" "dog."

This being Texas, there are even promos that cater to Central Houston's Spanish-speaking customers.

I don't know about you, but I suddenly am hankering to finance an Altima for 60 months at a very reasonable rate of 2.9% APR.

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