Houston Stranger Slashes Family’s Tires

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Houston Stranger Slashes Family’s Tires
Houston Stranger Slashes Family’s Tires

A family in the Houston, Texas area was enjoying a night at home when a stranger came to their house, using a butcher knife to puncture 11 tires on three cars parked in the driveway. It’s a bizarre crime that’s left the family understandably feeling unsafe and everyone else scratching their heads.

Watch a cop shoot the tires out on a fleeing murder suspect’s vehicle.

The man, who didn’t hide his face, which was clearly captured on the family’s surveillance cameras, just pulled up and started slashing tires, as shown by KPRC 2. Then he returned to his vehicle before going up to the front door and ringing the doorbell.


While the mother came to the door, she didn’t open it, likely because she didn’t recognize the guy. He apparently didn’t leave right away, choosing instead to stick around for a bit. When he did get in his vehicle and start driving away, the suspect yelled expletives. That makes the whole crime feel personal.

When we first saw this report we were wondering if this was the infamous Tyre Deflators out of Canada spreading their mayhem to Texas. But the report mentions that the suspect showed up at the victims’ house in an SUV and these radical environmentalists wouldn’t be caught dead in something like that. Also, they love to leave a preachy note about why they deflated their victim’s tires and usually don’t do it using a knife.

KPRC 2 checked with Deer Park Police to see if anyone else in the area had reported another tire slashing incident. They were shocked to find one hadn’t been reported “in a long time.” So this guy just showed up one night, slashed tires, tried to confront the family at this house, and then disappeared. It’s a bizarre crime but at least they caught it on camera so the whole thing is documented.

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