Houston Woman Carjacked In Scary Way

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Houston Woman Carjacked In Scary Way
Houston Woman Carjacked In Scary Way

If you’re like us, for years you’ve seen carjacking attempts, both successful and not, from dashcams and security cameras in Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and other foreign countries never imaging such brazen crimes would become common in the US. Sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening in many larger US cities, the latest example coming via Houston.

Car thief stupidly locks himself inside the car he was trying to steal.

While the incident in question happened on October 23, police didn’t let the public know until more recently. They say a woman was lost and so pulled over to look at her GPS and get her bearings, reports local news outlet Fox 26. That’s all it took for two men to carjack her.

The men pulled up in another vehicle, blocking her car from moving. They then forced the woman out of her car, although exactly how wasn’t revealed. It also wasn’t stated if either man produced a gun during the carjacking.

From what we’ve seen, reviewing countless carjacking videos, many people panic and don’t realize they can in fact escape these types of situations. We’ve seen victims drive over curbs, on sidewalks, over islands, ram the suspects’ car, etc. to successfully get away.

That might sound dramatic, but a carjacking can easily turn into a homicide. It’s a sad reality far too many Americans are going to learn about the hard way.

We also suggest getting a high definition dashcam with front and rear cameras. You won’t remember all the details about what happened in a panic situation like an attempted carjacking, but the cameras should capture enough details to be of use to authorities.

Another key thing to keep in mind is to always stay aware of your surroundings. If you do park or pull over somewhere and sit in your car, you should know how you’d escape if another vehicle pulls up to block you in. If there is no escape route, you shouldn’t be sitting in your car. That might sound harsh but it sure beats being at the mercy of some criminals who may or may not value your life.

Image via Houston Police Department

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