Hulk Hogan Rescues Driver After Rollover Crash

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Hulk Hogan Rescues Driver After Rollover Crash
Hulk Hogan Rescues Driver After Rollover Crash

Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan came to the rescue for a female teenage driver who flipped her car in the Tampa, Florida area after a crash. Hogan, along with his new wife Sky Daily and friend Jake were driving on the highway on the evening of January 14 when the vehicle in front of them crashed, rolling onto its roof. Hogan and his friend, Jake, jumped out and helped the unnamed teenager out of her car.

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Hogan’s wife Sky took to Facebook to describe the ordeal, saying, “I truly admire my husband and our good buddy for springing into action, puncturing the girls (sic) airbag, and getting her quickly out of the car.” She went on to say the driver was unharmed but “really rattled” which is understandable considering what she went through.


According to a report from TMZ, an undisclosed source claims another vehicle swerved across several lanes of traffic to get to an exit, hitting the teenage girl’s car, flipping it. That’s scary because you might have little time to react to a move like that from another driver.

Hogan reportedly had some tools on him, we’re assuming something like a Leatherman, which his friend Jake, who’s apparently a Marine, used to puncture the side curtain airbag so they could get the girl out. We’ve seen police officers and other first responders use knives to get airbags out of the way when they first arrive at a crash scene.

Hulk Hogan often has been portrayed since the 1980s as a villain in the wrestling ring. However, this incident and his recent baptism shed light on the fact there’s a fair amount of acting in the sport, We know, that’s a huge shock to some but it’s in fact true that at least some things in professional wrestling are put on.

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